If you love the fields of tourism, travel and aviation, and you want to have a place to work inside this interesting world, then you must continue reading the topic….

Our main goal is to help the trainee create a real job opportunity in airlines, tourism and travel companies, and major hotels once he completes his studies and obtains accredited certificates ✈

Professional Diploma in Travel and Tourism — Define it

A specialized study in cooperation with M2N Tours for a month for all fields of tourism and travel and booking electronic airline tickets and hotels with an integrated, serial system that includes the following: 1- Basics of travel and tourism. 2- International aviation and tourism organizations. 3- Types of flights. 4- Types and categories of travel and tourism companies. 5- How to operate, establish and operate tourism services companies. 6- General and tourism marketing. 7- The arts of selling and negotiating skills in airlines. 8- Amadeus electronic system for booking airline tickets (basic – advanced). 9- Tourist transportation and limousines.

Why Choose Our Course

So that you have completed the topic until the end, and as soon as you finish your studies, you will find job opportunities, saying come, we are waiting for you ✈

  • Passenger and passenger service course at airports (free of charge).
  • Baggage and baggage service course at airports (free of charge).
  • Use the electronic screen of the Amadeus system throughout the study period for practical application and practice (for free).
  • Practical training in major travel and tourism companies after completing the training diploma (free).